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All orders placed before 19th oct will be sent 1st class.

EUflagmafia started after the advisory referendum when we hung a single EU flag above the M40 and put it on twitter and received thousands of retweets. Since then, it has become a cult with thousands of people sending in pictures of flag plants and spots from all over the UK of both our union flags.

There are more EU flags flying in the UK than any other time in history but they can be still be hit or miss to buy and the remain merchandise market is fragmented so we intend to bring you more and more EU items as time goes by. But we start with flags and car flags. The price includes postage and soon we'll also be doing t-shirts and fashion, leaflets for remain groups to be able to run their own pro EU tables around the country and more.

So order your flags now for the upcoming events coming up in Bournemouth, Manchester and Brighton and not only. Then take a pic and post it to @EUflagmafia on twitter or EU Flag Mafia on Facebook.

Don't just buy from an anonymous flag seller online. Support the coolest name in remain with a track record. All profits made go back in to support remain events and initiatives. 


Please note, we are NOT the actual Mafia....

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